Strarting A Group

Here is the most important thing to remember…

“There ain’t no rules around here. We’re trying to accomplish something.” 

— Thomas Edison —

What does that quote mean to us? It means the issue is too important and too urgent to dither or ask permission. Want to start a Transition Initiative in your area? Just do it.

If you don’t find an initiative already started in your region, you can start one yourself. Transition initiatives typically go through a three stages:

  1. The Initial Stage: typically, a group of people start to meet each other, start to discuss the Transition concept, and begin the process of enthusing each other to initiate the process.
  2. The ‘Mulling’ Stage:  the individuals or groups read the Transition Handbook, download the Transition Primer, and let the Transition Network know of their ‘mulling’ status.
  3. The “Official” Stage: the ‘mulling’ stage can last for a few weeks or for many months, depending on the group. In order to proceed to formal (aka “official”) status you’ll need to contact the Transition Network (this is a different link than the one above).

Below is a good article about how to get a Transition group started in your area. Keeps it real simple and neighborly and covers the basics nicely with some good advice from lessons learned.…

When communicating with others about the Transition idea, the most common errors are to assume the others are similar to you in terms of  learning styles, personality type and values and interests and that they are as well informed as you on the issues. Here are two documents that will help you frame your communications whether with groups or individuals.

  1. American Climate Attitudes  
  2. Climate Communications and Behavior Change: A Guide for Practitioners

You can find them at: