But It’s Been Getting Colder!

If you are being told the world is supposed to be getting warmer, there can be times when it seems that your experience is the opposite, even over a span of years. If you want to understand better why this is so take a look at this chart.

A “Heating Degree Day” is a term meaning when people have to use energy to warm up their building. You see the wavy pattern every three to seven years? That is the El Niño/La Niña effect. According to the chart above, people in Victoria BC had to turn on their heat more often in 2008 than they did in every year back to 2004. So in 2008 a person could have said that they don’t believe in global warming because in their experience its been getting colder every year for years!

Here are a few other similar influences:

The Arctic Oscillation

Sun Spots

North Atlantic Oscillation

And there are others, but for all the wiggling, you can see the trend…