Margin Call: There’s More At Stake Than Money

In the new movie “Margin Call”, in the days just before the 2008 economic meltdown, a young employee at one of the large Wall Street investment banks is given some research data by a departing coworker that shows him just how far out on a limb his company is. What he then experiences is a lot like what happens to anyone when they first start looking into the actual numbers around peak oil, overfishing, climate change, water overuse etc. and realize just what those numbers really mean.

Since having my own person awakening in this regard, I have permanently felt like the character in the Margin Call trailer when he looks out his car window and says, “Look at these people, wandering around with absolutely no idea of what’s about to happen”. And unfortunately, what is about to happen to us in the real world is also based on a true story…

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