The Kaya Identity

No its not the latest spy thriller from Robert Ludlum. The Kaya Identity is a mathematical formula that plays a key role in the development of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate change scenarios. The scenarios set out a range of assumed conditions based on a mix of of the four inputs: population growth, GDP per capita, energy intensity and emission levels. Click the link below to launch the Kaya Identity calculator.
If you play around with it for a while, you will see that some things have a much greater effect than others.

There are training videos here, very easy to understand, that will teach you how to use and understand the calculator.

But let’s return to the spy thriller for a moment. If you were the leader of a global superpower, and wanted things to stay that way, based on the Kaya factors, what options might you consider, given the military, scientific, diplomatic and economic powers at your disposal?

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