Transition Canada: A Silver Lining

As you get your head around this and make your preparations, keep in mind this particular finding from research into happiness: when the Baby Boomers parents generation was surveyed to find out when they were happiest, their astonishing answer was – “during the war”.

However if you are familiar with what actually makes people happy, you will know why this is not really surprising; we are happiest when we feel we have a sense of purpose, when we feel that our lives matter and have meaning. Above all, we are happiest when we feel a connection with others and feel we belong; when we feel the bond of a common cause.

Victory Gardeners 1942

The appropriate response to the challenges ahead require nothing less than a “war footing”, similar to the response by the Allies during WWII that included Victory Gardens and the Home Front movement. During this period there will be an almost imperceptible return to a healthier and happier way of life. They will not be times without hardships and sacrifice, far from it, yet there will be an unexpected silver lining.

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